Save Me Trust

The Save Me Trust exists to protect the welfare and dignity of wild animals. Save Me was founded by Brian May and Anne Brummer to work on the issues affecting wildlife today.  Climate change, increasing human population, destruction of habitats and pollution are the most significant factors causing the rapid decline of the creatures with whom we share our Planet. By working together and changing our behaviours, we can achieve sustainable change that supports wildlife, business and the environment, and offers every species a better future.

Clean Up the Hunting Act with the 'The May Amendments'

It is illegal to hunt wild mammals with a pack of dogs under the Hunting Act 2004.  One person, on average, is prosecuted under the act each week. Foxes are still hunted and killed by dogs today.  Fox Hunting is illegal, immoral and should be consigned to history. You can stop illegal hunting with just a few amendments. Join us now to clean up the act.

Bovine TB and the Badger Cull

The Badger Cull is expensive and  ineffective.  The policy is flawed as the reservoir of disease remains, for the most part, undetected in the herd. Until we have improved testing and the ability for vets to find their own solutions without penalties we will never eradicate Bovine Tb. The pointless policy is destroying badgers, cattle and farmers. #wakeupdefra… It’s time! 

Project Amazing Grace

Saving the Humble Hedgehogs in your Garden

The Humble Hog was once a common sight in our midnight gardens. Developments, habitat decline and loss of connectivity in our green space are just some of the challenges that have impacted on these delightful creatures. We launched Project Amazing Grace to look at these changes and to make a brighter future for our spiky friends. 

Rewilding for Wildlife

Renovating Ancient Woodlands

Enhancing Landscapes

Homes For

Sustaining Wildlife & Construction

Wildlife Early Intervention Plan

We are losing species a 1000 faster than at any other time in our history. Construction and habitat loss are the major causes. We are currently building homes for future generations at the cost of our wildlife. We cannot halt development but we can find ways to work with developers on unique projects. Our Wildlife Early Intervention Program monitors and looks after habitats and wildlife before, during and after the build. We are working with national builder Persimmon Homes on a unique project. We are addressing the issues that impact on wildlife decline in a practical, meaningful and sustainable way. We hope to use this as a template for future developments as our wildlife depends on it.

Wildlife On The Front Line

Find out more about the wildlife that inspires us to give it the loudest voice 



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