Save Me Trust

What is the Save Me Trust

The Save Me Trust is an animal welfare organisation that exists to proactively protect wild animals through campaigns and collaboration. 

Save Me was established by Anne Brummer and Brian May in 2009 to campaign against the possible repeal of the Hunting Act in the UK. Working to end fox hunting is still one of the organisation’s primary aims alongside ending the badger cull.

Save Me specialises in collaborating with experts and actively working to find effective solutions based on science and common sense.

Save Me Campaigns:-

      –  Amending the Hunting Act

      –  Stopping the Badger Cull

      –  Saving Britain’s Hedgehogs

      –  Wildlife and Construction 

      –  Protecting Wildlife Habitats 

In coalition we are actively against  – Factory Farming, Live Export, Trophy Hunting, Driven Grouse, The Use of Snares and Captive Orcas and Cetaceans  

Save Me operates alongside Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue ( ) which cares for and rehabilitates injured wildlife, inspiring campaigns such as Amazing Grace (

Save Me works to ensure that the wildlife saved by Harper Asprey have appropriate protection and environments to thrive in.

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